The Nordic region’s largest sales
and demonstration company




With more than 1000 employees, Retail24 provide the largest and most flexible merchandiser team in the Nordic region.

Dette er en fylltekst for å fylle linjene med ordmed ordmed ordmed ordmed ord

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We provide customised services within sales. We cooperate closely with our customers to build sales teams that deliver the best results.

Dette er en fylltekst for å fylle linjene med or

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Space/reorganizing shelves

Retail24 has its own team dedicated solely to working with store space and ther reorganization of shelves. We do more than 12 000 space/reorganizations for our customers. every year.

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In-store Demonstration

Retail24 has grown to become the biggest demonstration team in the Nordic region that focuses on food and sales. We execute more than 20 000 in-store demonstration every year.

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Consulting, design, production and implementation of store materials through our sister company Retail Instore

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Our Customers say:

Retail24 has approached its task with commitment and enthusiasm. We can only praise them for their solution-oriented appoach to work, their strong company culture and solid people management.


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Working for Retail24

Retail24 employs more than 1000 skilled people in stores every day. Our people visit more than 800 000 stores a year doing merchandising, sales or in-store demonstration. Their unique skills of our employees distinguishes Retail24 as a professional and sound partner for current and future customers.

Our team of regional managers and team leaders allows us to train and maintain our personnel nationwide. Our leaders also provide local knowledge that is needed to plan and execute efficient store visits. Our administrative staff serves our customers on a Nordic and national level. We work hard to improve our company and streamline our routines at all levels.



A qualified professional management team is vital to the nation’s largest supplier of sales and demo services. Our management team is composed of professionals with years of experience in national and international retail. Combing professionals with distinct personalities in a good way is our key to success. Here you can read about a few of the company’s key personnel.

Gisle Vikøyr
CEO / Co-founder/Country Manager Norway

Gisle is one of the main owners of Retail24 Holding AS, which owns Retail24. He has been working as CEO since the company was founded in 2002. Gisle is also the Country Manager in Norway. Gisle has an education in economics and has been working in the retail business since 1997.

Phone: +47 916 82 206

Gunnar Kristiansen
Nordic Sales Manager / Co-founder / Country Manager Denmark

Gunnar is one of the main owners of Retail24 Holding AS, which owns Retail24. Gunnar is working as the Nordic sales manager and marketing director and as Country Manager in Denmark. Gunnar has been working in the retail business since 1996.

Phone: +47 482 28 445

Torunn Tørstad
Nordic Finance and Personnel Director

Torunn has been working for Retail24 since 2008. She was hired when Retail24 decided to do all accounting in-house. She has more then 10 years experience in accountant and auditing. Torunn is working as our Nordic finance and personnel director.

Phone: +47 415 45 005

Kjetil Berentsen
Nordic Directore, Sales Services

Kjetil has, over the last 14 years, been working as KAM, sales director and country manager for large international suppliers to the grocery business. Kjetil started in Retail24 in 2013 as Director for our sales services.

Phone: +47 995 32 732

Peter Guthwert
Country Manager Finland

Peter has experience in sales and management from the Finnish Fair Corporation Exhibition and Plus TV. Peter started in Retail24 in 2012.

Phone: +358 50 350 4645

Fredrik Björkdahl
Country Manager Sweden

Fredrik started in Retail24 Norway already in 2007. He was part of the Retail24 start-up in Sweden 2009 and then moved back to his hometown, Stockholm after almost 7 years in Norway. Fredrik has a background from the events and restaurant industry. He has a Bachelor in international marketing from Handelshögskolan BI in Oslo and is specialized within project management.

Phone: +46 (0) 72 30 70 811

Kenneth Halvorsen
Nordic Directore, Demo Services

The last 7 years Kenneth has been working as a sales manager for one of Norways leading distributer to the Norwegian grocery market. Before that Kenneth was a store manager at Meny. Kenneth started in Retail24 in January 2016

Phone: +47 930 06 118

Claus Pedersen
Country Manager Denmark

Since 1998 Claus ran his own Merchandising company. Through his company he has served several large Danish companies in the Retail business. Claus is educated in Irma and been working in or with stores since 1990. Both as store manager and through his merchandising company. Claus started in Retail24 in 2015.

Phone: +45 20 94 02 01

Retail24, Meltzers gate 4, 0257 Oslo, Norway +47 22 11 22 22
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